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Understanding And Developing Emotional Intelligence

Many researchers agree. Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is far more important than your IQ. The most important assets in any endeavour are you, your people and your INFLUENCE! During the course you will take a quick look at the power of emotions. You will get a deeper understanding of emotional...

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Setting Boundaries For Inspiration And Accountability

In this program you will learn that the need to control the workforce is the first challenge of leaders to address differently. You will be introduced to new inspirational and transformative approaches designed for impact You will be exposed to new terminology  which was introduced during...

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Self Discipline for Success

Research has shown that measuring a person’s level of self-discipline is a more accurate predictor of success than measuring one’s IQ. You will develop and understanding and the concept of Self-discipline that will improve learning, which forms an essential part of performance as it enables you...

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