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Digital Dentistry

Aims:– Describe the importance of advances in digital technology to all members of the dental team.– Explain what is meant by “Workflow” – Discuss the clinical and laboratory applications of digital technology. Objectives:– Explain what is meant by “Workflow”–...

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Intra-oral Scanning

Aims:– Explain the technology of intra oral scanners.– Explain the advantages and limitations of the various scanning technologies.– Discuss the clinical applications of scanning technology. Objectives:– Recall the features of the various scanning technologies.– Appreciate...

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Everyday Endo

Helpful endodontic advice for the general dental practitioner By Dr Simon Reeves, B.Ch.D. (Stell.), PDD Endodontics (UWC)

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Common Sense Orthodontics for Clear Aligner Treatment

About the Lecturer – Dr Zieg Weber “Besides my family and my Harley Davidson, I like spending time with teeth! In 30 years, I have successfully transformed over 16 000 full arch dentitions and 1 000 smiles using my unique application of invisible braces. I am what they call a professional...

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